Saigon – day 2

After a light breakfast of omelette sandwich washed down with the sweet Vietnames coffee we headed out in the direction of the Presidential Palace. The walk took it out of Jeremy a bit, he still has his bug, so we sat in the gardens for a while with a morning beer. Even a mid morning sneaky beer comes with the obligatory glass of iced tea!

Walking the streets of Saigon…footpaths are taken up by parked bikes so pedestrians share the road.

The palace has rooms that have been retained in the splendour of their time. Much of it has been preserved as it was at the end of the war. It was interesting to see the gates and to contemplate the tanks of the North Vietnamese army charging through in 1975. The presidents office has walls covered in maps of Vietnam and where all the battles were occuring. The bunkers were probably the most interesting of the whole visit.

Jade Pagoda

Strolling along a tributary of the Saigon River

Post massage – walking straight into the chaos that is the backpacker area in District 1

Church on the walk back to the Homestay. In the evening light it looked like that figure was rising out of the church!

Caught in the middle, unexpected light change…steady pace, watching, keep going…


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