Bali food


All the restaurants seem to cater for the Western palate. I did find a little warung on the beach where I had Tipat Tahu. Compressed steamed rice cake chopped up and served with vegetables and peanut sauce..sort of like a Gado Gado. Very simple and yummy.

Candi Dasa

Warung Delima (De5) just down from our hotel cooked the most amazing local food. Ayam, babi, ikan and sayur (chicken, pork, fish and vegetables) with your choice of sauce. Leaves you with that tingling tongue taste sensation of MSG, chilli, garlic and coconut oil. Just a little open kitchen with the constant sound of chop chop knives indicating a hugh level of freshness. Super delish.

Ikan Bumbu Bali (Fish with Balinese Sauce) and Kangkong (water spinach).

Pineapple (Nanas) pancake cooked by the ladies at the hotel. Banana pancakes are big in Bali for brekky but not being a fan of banana I choose its close relative. Always worthwhile…with local honey on the top.


Green pancake made for me by Putu in my home stay in Ubud. Putu got very embarassed when shen realised she had served me a pisang pancake when she knew I didn’t like pisang but she assured me it was a special banana…with a different taste. She was right… This tasted good as it looks. The colour comes from the long green leaves in the picture, duan kesaga. Putu picks them, chops them finely and extracts the colour for her pancakes.


My favourite place for lunch in Ubud was Warung Adurka​. It is a Nasi Campur style meal but with buffet so you choose what you want and they charge by what you choose. The most amazing food, super delicious, and leaves your mouth with that super yummy, zinging sensation you get after eating a meal cooked in coconut oil, chillie and MSG. Sorry….already said this but it is worth saying again…those flavours are well…super yummy, zinging, sensational.

Red rice, chicken curry, Tempe Goreng, a variety of vegetable dishes, sambal
Coconut rice, jackfruit curry, Tempe Goreng, Tempe and bean curry, sambal, fried sardine, sayur urab (Balinese mixed vegetables)


Bali has certainly caught up to Melbourne in terms of coffee. Perhaps even passed. I found very good coffee in all places I stayed. In Sanur, Kopi Kiosk had two outlets I visited often, one near my guestbhouse and the other​ on the beach.

In Candi Dasa, The Loaf had passable latte’s. And at the beach side food market they had very good local coffee with condensed milk that saw me through the intense drumming sessions.

In Ubud, I visited two very good coffee joints that specialised in roasting local Balinese grown coffee beut also blended it with beans from other parts of Indonesia. Ubud Coffee Roastery and Seniman Coffee Studios. Both these places only sell coffee, no food no cake just coffee. And very good coffee.

Warung Sopa opposite my homestay in Ubud provided me with a number of modernised Balinese meals. Super comfortable, super delicious. And healthy to boot 😀

Red rice, Tempe Kering, sambal matah, jackfruit curry, eggplant curry, ice lemon tea

Sate Ikan at a funky little warung on Jalan Monkey Forest. Cooked on a single burner behind a bar. Accompanied with the super delicious Sambal Math (raw samba of shallots, garlic, chilli and coconut oil)

Fish satay, sambal matah, kangkong

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  1. Ibu Su says:

    Enak sekali … makan an Indonesia!!


  2. joskuse says:

    Enak sekali…Indeed!


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